Youth competition - Sunday august 21th - Kongsberg

While most of the focus is now on WOC, I am a part of the organising to the youth competition organised in Kongsberg on 21th of august. I am actually planning the courses.

It is a kind of relay with 4 to 8 runners running 4 legs, with a minimum of 2 girls. Runners must be between 12 and 20 years old.

The first leg is running by up to 3 runners, the second and third are running by up to 2 runners and the last is running by only 1 runner per team. For each leg, the first runner in with a correct punching card is sending the next leg. There is is no restriction on total age on the team. The running order is totally free too.

In order to get it fair, it is 3 distances according to the age and the gender of each runner. By the way, all legs are forked together.

H 12 – 14 and D 12 – 15 are running 3,2 km.
H 15 – 16 and D 16 – 20 are running 3,9 km.
H 17 – 20 are running 5,2 km.

The competition center is Bevergrenda biathlon stadium (Beverlokale) with 2 spectactors controls (50% and 90% of the course lenght) to make it extra exciting. I am looking forward to the competition day to see how the spreading method is working. Lets hope for nice weather too!

The map has been updated this summer by Olles. You can take a look at the old map.

All informations are available on Kongsberg O-lag website.
There is also 2 individuals courses (N- and C-åpen).

I am looking forward to watch on NRK my first WOC at home. For sure, much less stress!!! Ready for big surprises? I am! Are you?


Summer training in Kongsberg

Kongsberg O-lag is offering 4 trainings on 2 new maps (2010 and 2011).

Courses are 4 or 8km long on a very difficult terrain.

This is actually not a typical Kongsberg terrain with no under vegetation (no blueberry, only
grass) and quite a lot stony too. So, those courses are slow and very challenging.